Does your pet need a good spring cleaning?

Does your pet need a good spring cleaning?

Warmer weather means longer walks, outdoor play, and inevitably, messy mutts. But there’s no need to let bath time stress bubble over. Whether your pet is part dogfish or fights tooth and nail, here are our top tricks to help make bathing a breeze.

Pick the perfect place

If the sight of the shower causes your furry friend to head for the hills, it may be time to switch locations. Once you’ve figured out your pet’s preference, place a non-slip surface — bath mat or towel — on the bottom of the bathing area for extra stability.

Keep supplies in reach

Before fetching Fido, stock your station with tools of the trade. Gather towels, shampoo, a pitcher or hand-held showerhead, cotton balls, and a comb or brush before you turn on the tap.

Only use pet shampoo

Even the gentlest human shampoo is too ruff for Fluffy. Vetericyn® FoamCare Shampoo runs ahead of the pack with their easy on, easy off nourishing formula. Their spray-on, foaming shampoo will save you time while leaving your pet with healthier skin and a soft, shiny coat.

Brush beforehand

Grooming does more than brush off dirt. It can also work shampoo into your pet’s coat, helping to remove skin-irritating mats and encouraging better bonding. For total relaxation, give your four-legged friend a massage by running your fingers down the spine, shoulders, legs, and pads.

A positive place

Once you determine which location your pet prefers, use a bit of conditioning — treats, toys, praise or catnip — to associate the space with positive experiences on non-scrub days. After towel time, offer an extra-long play session or a special reward.

Keep water lukewarm

While a nice hot bath is a dream for people, it can be a nightmare for your pet. Dogs are more sensitive to hot temperatures, so try pre-filling the tub halfway (or to their elbows) with tepid water. Gently ease them into the bath and rinse using a pitcher or hand-held shower head.

Be mindful when rinsing 

Don’t shake off an important bathing ritual — watching out for eyes and ears. Try drying Fido’s ears with a cotton ball after her bath, and be mindful about keeping eyes clear of shampoo. If you can’t avoid wetting your pet’s head, tilt their chin up and rinse water down their neck, not their face.

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