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Our Services

Our Services

Our hospital provides a wide range of specialized diagnostic services to assist in obtaining a diagnosis for your pet. Using our specialized training and experience,  we are able to diagnose many diseases that might be missed during a routine examination.


Why Choose Us

Here at Wickham Animal Hospital and Boarding we do more than apply veterinary knowledge when caring for your pet. We have empathy with our clients that comes from intimate knowledge of that shared human-animal bond. These are not mere animals in need of help, they are four legged family members that need compassion, care, and comfort from their medical professionals. From understanding the uncertainty of a new boarder, to easing the pain of an injured paw, we work with our patients and their owners to make each visit as enjoyable and fear free as possible. 

Drop Off Appointment

We now offer drop off appointments for healthy pets in need of updated vaccines and/or annual blood work. These appointments are meant to help pet parents with busy schedules; drop off your pet before 8am and pick them up after 4pm knowing they will get to enjoy Day Boarding with our amazing concierge crew once we have updated their vaccines. At this time, we are only accepting healthy cats and dogs for drop offs. Pets who have problems such as rashes, limps, or new lumps and bumps are not eligible for this type of appointment.



We strive to make a comfortable home away from home for all of our boarding guests, whether they are cats or dogs. We offer daily one on one time for your pet, as requested by you! This could be for extra brushing and loves, play time, nature walks, or other activities that you know your family member enjoys.

If your pet is over 35 pounds, we do require a half-day trial stay prior to boarding. During this time, we will evaluate his or her fit with our facility and team members.

In order to board, your pet must be an active patient of Wickham Animal Hospital & Boarding.

Preventative Care & Wellness

We put an emphasis on teaching you about preventative care for your pet so you may help us tailor a vaccine regiment and parasite control for your loved ones, as well as how to monitor for potential problems.



We have a fully comprehensive surgical suite which includes equipment for patient monitoring, patient warming, and comprehensive post-operative care. Surgeries we perform include, but are not limited to, spays, neuters, preventative gastropexies, ophthalmic surgeries, gastrointestinal repairs, urogenital surgeries, and mass removals.

Dental Care

We put an emphasis on preventative dental care both in education and in our recommendations for products. However, when necessary, we perform full dental cleanings with ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and extractions if needed.


Radiology / X-Rays

Our state of the art, fully digital radiology suite was completely updated in 2020. Radiographs now take a matter of seconds to perform, and images are able to be seen immediately, meaning faster, more accurate care for your pets.

Laser Therapy

Wounds, infections, and chronic debilitating problems such as degenerative joint disease have all shown to drastically improve with laser therapy, not to mention the expedited healing time when used post-operatively. This is a non-invasive way we can help our patients heal and live a healthier life!


In House Lab

Our state of the art blood analyzers allow us to perform in house lab work and attain results for you and your pet the same day you come in. For critically ill patients, this makes a world of difference in giving us the tools to diagnose and treat in a timely manner.

On Site Pharmacy & Prescription Foods

Our full pharmacy allows us to start treatment within minutes of diagnosis. We also provide clients a reliable source of pet medications that eliminates the need for making an extra stop on the way home before starting your pet’s treatment.


More Services

We see same day emergencies and do our best to ensure our patients are triaged and seen in an appropriate time frame.
HomeAgain microchips are one of the most reliable, easily read microchips on the market. There is a difference among microchip companies! Unfortunately, there are some newer companies that create chips that are only able to be read by that company's microchip reader. We do not recommend these, as the goal is to have a chip that is easily found, identified, and the pet reunited with their family as quickly as possible.
As your pet ages you may notice a decrease in activity, cognitive changes, or the start of incontinence. As these changes occur in your senior, we strive to help you navigate these waters in order to supply your pet with the greatest comfort and quality of life.
Many times this is associated with aging changes, but some disease processes, or injuries result in longer term discomfort. It is our goal to educate clients on recognizing pain in their pets, and helping them mange this so their four legged family members may enjoy life to the fullest.
There are many flea, tick and heart worm preventions on the market today. We carry products that we would recommend or use on our own pets. Currently we offer NexGard, Bravecto, Heartgard, Simparica Trio, and for our smallest and youngest patients we carry Revolution Plus.
Getting a new pet is a very exciting, yet sometimes confusing time. Kittens claw the furniture, puppies have accidents, and new rescues occasionally have fearful responses to unexpected things. We help guide you and your newest family members through this time, while giving advice on how to maintain their health to the best abilities of modern medicine.

Printable Forms

To help expedite your visit with us, we have made the forms we commonly use available here. Please feel free to print and fill out the appropriate form before your visit with us. We are also able to email these to you, if you prefer - simply call the hospital at 321-724-0234 and notify us of your preference. A short description of what the form is used for is on the left side of the screen, the link to download and print the form will be on the right side of the screen.

Drop Off Form

At this time, we are only accepting healthy cats and dogs for drop offs. Pets who have problems such as rashes, limps, or new lumps and bumps are not eligible for this type of appointment.  

Consent Form for Surgery

Surgical consent forms are required for any anesthetic procedure.  If you have questions, please do not sign or accept/decline items on this form until you are clear on what the item is. 

Consent form for Dental Procedures

Dental consent forms are required for any dental cleaning or dental work to be done under anesthesia. Please be aware that we practice medicine as if each pet is our own. We will extract teeth that are diseased or causing problems for our patients. We will not extract healthy teeth, even if this is what the owner requests.

Boarding Check in Sheet

This form is a two page form that authorizes us to board your pet, and gives you the chance to tell us everything we need to know about how your pet eats, is medicated, and what s/he enjoys. We will review this form with you once you come in, which helps us ensure we are providing the same level of care that your fuzzy family member gets at home. 

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