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Meet Our Wonderful Veterinarians and Staff

Meet our Wonderful veterinarians and staff!

Dr. Renee Hadley - DVM

Dr. Hadley grew up in a small town in New Hampshire where, from a very young age, she knew she would be a veterinarian. While she loves all aspects of being a doctor, she finds the bond that forms between her patient, their family, and herself the most rewarding aspect of veterinary medicine. It is also through this bond that she feels she can be a better advocate for her patients by attaining stronger communication with their families. 

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts from the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. Dr. Hadley began practicing small animal medicine in 2009 at a six doctor practice in Denver, Colorado.

In May of 2019, she joined Wickham Animal Hospital and Boarding where she thoroughly enjoyed the community feel and the strong focus on family. December of 2019 she became the proud owner of the very hospital she found so much joy in. 

In Dr. Hadley’s spare time you can find her spending time with her fuzzy family members, decompressing at the range, or working on a new craft project. 

Meet Us

Dr. Michelle Rosen - DVM

Dr. Rosen joined Wickham Animal Hospital and Boarding in 2006 following several years of relief veterinary Services for Dr. Charlie Steiner.

Dr. Rosen enjoys the daily challenges and joys of caring for her furry patients, as well as their pet parents. The relationship with each family is always unique and special. She is excited to  work with Dr. Hadley to continue caring for your favorite furry family members at Wickham Animal Hospital and Boarding. 

In her free time, you may find Dr. Rosen paddling a kayak, spending time with her beloved London and his feline siblings, riding roller coasters, and enjoying time with friends.

Meet Us

Our Staff

At Wickham Animal and Hospital and Boarding, we value our staff. We are happy to introduce to you our qualified and deeply compassionate veterinary team. Meet them below:

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